AWS AppFlow error conflict executing request connector profile is associated with one or more flows

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AWS AppFlow is a fully managed cloud integration solution for moving data between SaaS applications. It enables customers to model and configure flows to synchronize data between applications with just a few clicks. When setting up a flow, customers may encounter an error that says “conflict executing request connector profile is associated with one or more flows”.

This error occurs when a connector profile used in a flow is associated to one or more other flows either in the same or another account. While the dependability of the flow connector

Let’s say you have a Salesforce connector (it is valid for any other available) and the token expired. The only way so far is to delete and recreate the connection again. Would be nice to keep the same connection and run the handshake again but it is impossible nowadays.

If we try to delete a connector from the AWS console and it is associated with one or many flows, it will display this error:

Conflict executing request: Connector profile: xxxxxxx is associated with one or more flows. If you still want to delete it, then make delete request with forceDelete flag as true. Some of the associated flows are: [xxxxx, xxxxxx]

The trick is to delete the connector from AWS CLI thus:

aws appflow delete-connector-profile --connector-profile-name xxxxxxx --force-delete

After that you will be able to recreate the connection again

More useful AWS CLI commands for AppFlow

aws appflow describe-flow --flow-name xxxxxx
aws appflow list-flows
aws appflow describe-connectors --connector-types Salesforce


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