AWS suspended error AppFlow

AWS suspended error AppFlow
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If you’re an AWS user, you’ve likely encountered the dreaded “AWS suspended error” in AppFlow at some point. This error can result from various issues, but if you are using a Salesforce connector, it can be due to the Salesforce daily limit being exceeded. So you consumed all your daily API requests for the day.

You’re not alone if you’ve experienced this error. Many AWS users encounter this message while trying to retrieve data or update resources. So, what can you do if you run into this error?

AWS AppFlow suspended status error is sown for many reasons. You have to click on the Suspended word in the AWS console to see the extended error. Another option is to see it through the CLI

The error

This is an example error you could get:

The flow has been suspended due to an error in Salesforce when subscribing to the event. Here's the detailed error message: The request failed because the service Salesforce returned the following error: Details: Subscribing to topic /data/xxxxxxxx__ChangeEvent with replayId -1 failed due to Cannot subscribe to topic /data/xxxxxxxxx__ChangeEvent, replay from -1, with error 403::Organization total events daily limit exceeded (Service: null; Status Code: 400; Error Code: Client; Request ID: xxxxxxxxxx; Proxy: null).

And this is the main reason:

Organization total events daily limit exceeded

How to fix it the Salesforce daily limit exceeded error

Option 1

Just wait a couple of hours and reactivate the flow again. The main reason is Organization total events daily limit exceeded which means we reached our Salesforce daily limit for events

Option 2

Another option is to increase that limit (through Salesforce support) but that will depend on many reasons. However, you should find the root cause, especially if that limit exceeded doesn’t make sense with your Salesforce implementation.

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