How to build a sitemap

A sitemap is very important if you want to search engines discover and index your site properly. Your site is a jungle of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files so the more you make it easier for search engines, the better. A sitemap.xml files one of the most and easiests way to implement.

Google to kill third-party Chrome cookies in two years — Infosec News Ireland

This just in: Google doesn’t want to block third-party cookies in Chrome right now. It has promised to make them obsolete later, though. Wait – what? The search engine giant gave us the latest update this week in the journey towards what it says will be a more private, equitable web. It announced this initiative, […]Google … Continue reading Google to kill third-party Chrome cookies in two years — Infosec News Ireland

How Much Does Blogging Really Cost? — Jenny in Neverland

Self hosting, WordPress packages, domain namesThis is a big one for when you want to start taking your blog seriously or think about taking your blog to that next level. To turn your hobby blog into a business or an income then you’ll need to be thinking about at least getting your own domain name. And that’s the very least.I … Continue reading How Much Does Blogging Really Cost? — Jenny in Neverland

Bye bye FindBugs. Hello SpotBugs

I used to use FindBugs plugin in my Java projects to detect and learn about issues and potential issues in my source code. Even FindBugs is no longer maintained we have an alternative called SpotBugs. It requires Maven version 3.1.1 to be executed Is not so different to use, just add the plugin like any … Continue reading Bye bye FindBugs. Hello SpotBugs

Need Help Converting Your Classic JavaScript Buttons to Quick Actions?

Sara Has No Limits

In last weeks Lightning Keynote for TrailheaDX, Eric Jacobsen told everyone that an analysis done by his group showed that there are over 2 Million Javascript buttons in Salesforce Classic today.

WOW!!! That’s a lot of buttons that still need to be converted to Lightning Quick Actions.

This has been a not so fun task lingering over many Salesforce developer heads for quite some time. I imagine this one issue has been the main reason many Salesforce orgs have been hesitant to fully adopt Lightning.

So now my question to you is, “Do you think you need help converting your JavaScript buttons to Quick Actions?”

If you answered yes, then the good news is that the help is coming. Eric announced in that very same keynote that a new tool called the Lightning Configuration Converterwill be available in late Spring 18.

The new tool will…

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