How to install Waze in a BYD Dolphin car

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A BYD Dolphin car is a compact electric vehicle designed for city driving. It has a sleek and modern design with a range of up to 400 kilometers on a single charge. The car features advanced safety features, including multiple airbags, electronic stability control, and a rearview camera. The interior is spacious and comfortable, with ample legroom and headroom for both the driver and passengers. The infotainment system includes a touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and navigation. Overall, the BYD Dolphin car is a reliable and eco-friendly option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing style or comfort.

If you’re a proud owner of a BYD Dolphin car and want to enhance your navigation experience, installing Waze can be a great choice. Waze is a popular navigation app that provides real-time traffic updates and useful features. The beautiful screen you have in your BYD Dolphin car is just a tabled with Android operative system so install apps would be easy but it’s not the case. It would be nice to have Google Play to easily install apps into our Car’s infotainment system but sadly it’s not the case when it comes to BYD cars so here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install Waze in your BYD Dolphin car.

Missing Apple Car Play and Android Auto

As of my last knowledge update in September 2023, BYD, a Chinese automaker, had not widely adopted Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in its vehicles. However, the availability of features like Apple CarPlay can vary from one car model and market to another. The decision to support or not support Apple CarPlay (or any other infotainment system) in a car is typically made by the car manufacturer and may depend on several factors.

Cost Considerations: Implementing Apple CarPlay or Android Auto may involve licensing fees, additional hardware requirements, or ongoing development and maintenance costs, which might not align with BYD’s business strategy.

Regulations and Licensing: There might be regulatory or licensing issues that can affect the inclusion of Apple CarPlay. Car manufacturers need to adhere to various legal and licensing requirements when integrating third-party software.

Updates and Maintenance: Car manufacturers are responsible for maintaining and updating the software and systems in their vehicles. Some may prefer to have full control over the software in their cars rather than relying on external systems like Apple CarPlay.

Priorities and Partnerships: BYD may have made strategic decisions to focus on other features or partnerships, prioritizing different functionality or connectivity options for their customers.

It’s essential to check with BYD’s official website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date information regarding their support for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, as the situation may have changed since my last update in September 2023. Car manufacturers can update their models and features regularly, so what was true in the past may not be accurate today.

To install Waze in a BYD Dolphin car, follow these steps:

  • Get a flash drive, memory stick or pen drive. Ideally empty
  • Get the APK of Waze
  • Create a folder called third party apps in your flash drive (it must be THAT name)
  • Copy the APK to the third party apps apps folder
  • Plug-in the flash drive in the USB port of your car
  • Turn off and turn on your car.
  • It will ask you for a password, type: 20211231
  • Navigate to the third party pass folder
  • Select the Waze APK and tap on install
  • Wait for a few seconds to instal the app
  • After that you will see Waze installed as any. other app

Important notes: if it doesn’t ask you for the password when you plug in the flash drive, try to turn off and turn on your BYD Car. The name of the folder MUST BE third party apps, otherwise it won’t work.

Complete Waze Setup: Follow the setup process within the Waze app, which may involve creating an account, granting necessary permissions, and configuring your desired settings.

If Waze doesn’t ask you for permission to use your GPS, you will have to do it manually from the infotainment device’s settings.

Enjoy Waze in Your BYD Dolphin Car: Once the setup is complete, you can now use Waze for navigation in your BYD Dolphin car. Benefit from real-time traffic updates, alternative routes, and various other helpful features offered by Waze.

Please note that the availability and compatibility of Waze may vary based on your specific BYD Dolphin car model and its infotainment system. For any additional guidance or support, we recommend referring to the car’s documentation or reaching out to BYD customer support.

Now you’re ready to navigate the city streets with Waze and make your journeys in your BYD Dolphin car even more convenient and enjoyable. Safe travels!

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