Cache implementation in Node.js

I know: there are several good modules in npm world but sometimes we don't have enough flexibility in terms of customizations. In my case I invested more time trying to tweak an existing module than develop my own

Http auth basic in Node js and Express

Let's build a small site in Node.js using Express that will have one protected page Http auth basic prompt dialog We are going to use express generator to generate some scaffolding. If you didn't install it just type this command to install it globally but if you already know all this stuff you might skip … Continue reading Http auth basic in Node js and Express

Node.js REST Frameworks Benchmarks – reloaded (09/08/2019)

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I just got the new MacBook Pro 2019 and damm, it is a crazy fast laptop. Thanks to ShareNow Tech for offering such a tools to employees…

A detailed performance review for the Macbook Pro can be found here:

Second thing after celebrating and setting the Node.js development environment up, was to measure the I/O performance of the following REST frameworks on their last stable version:

  • Vanilla Node.js
  • Koa
  • Express
  • Fastify
  • 0http (with uWebSockets.js)
  • Restana
  • Polka

NOTE: Network throughput is not the only factor that matter while selecting a backend framework, if you don’t care about low level performance optimisations, is just fine!

Out of the Box tests, single threaded “Hello World” HTTP services

In this tests the services are running using a single process, the Node.js cluster mode is not used for the HTTP Servers.

The tests sources can be found in the restana github repository:

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Better Queue in Node JS

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