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  • How to build a sitemap

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Why? A sitemap is very important if you want to search engines discover and index your site properly. Your site is a jungle of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files so the more you make it easier for search engines, the better. A sitemap.xml file is one of the most and easiest… Read more

  • How to render HTML in Jade

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Overview Jade is a Node.js template engine that uses indentation as part of the syntax By default, Jade buffers the output so we have to be explicit when we want unbuffered code Solution If content contains html and you want to render it, use != like this: div!=content Another example… Read more

  • How to trigger a Lambda with a SQS message

    How to trigger a Lambda with a SQS message

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Overview Take this example as a starting point. This is not a production-ready code, probably some tweaks for permissions will be necessary to meet your requirements. AWS resources we need Lambda Function let response; exports.lambdaHandler = async (event, context) => { try { response = { 'statusCode': 200, 'body': JSON.stringify({ message:… Read more

  • Download and save a file in Node.js

    Download and save a file in Node.js

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Overview Download a file in Node.js is pretty straightforward but we have to have into account a couple of things. We are going to make an implementation using native modules. No third parties. The code The following code downloads an image from a given URL and stores it in a… Read more

  • 5 reasons to choose WordPress as your content management tool

    Reading Time: 3 minutes As an Engineer I installed WordPress many times, facing issues such as performance and security. When you host WordPress on your own, security is a headache because it’s a super known tool with lots of exploits so you receive strange HTTP requests all the time, trying to take advantage of some… Read more

  • Protect your social networks with two-factor authentication

    Protect your social networks with two-factor authentication

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Two-factor authentication is a good way to protect your accounts. It’s kind of a standard approach that many apps support nowadays, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This way you will need more than your password to enter your account. Read more