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  • How to publish a message in SQS from SNS

    How to publish a message in SQS from SNS

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Let say you want to process images in background or any other task that requires heavy processing and you don’t want to tie this operation to any other core operation or service. Read more

  • About

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Hi, I’m Andrés Canavesi from Montevideo, Uruguay. I’m a Software Engineer, 36 years old, with over 10 years of experience in software development, mainly Java, Android, Salesforce, and Node JS. Read more

  • Optimizing Node JS code

    Optimizing Node JS code

    Reading Time: 3 minutes At different levels you might optimize your JavaScript code. Sometimes optimization is a matter of good practices such as avoid using logging in loops. Read more

  • Customize styles highlight.js

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Create a file hljs-custom.css with the following content: /* custom hljs styles*/ .hljs { display: block; overflow-x: auto; padding: .5em; background: #1d1f21 } .hljs, .hljs-subst { color: #c5c8c6 } .hljs-comment { color: #888 } .hljs-attribute, .hljs-doctag, .hljs-keyword, .hljs-meta-keyword, .hljs-name, .hljs-selector-tag { font-weight: 700; color: #81a2be; } .hljs-deletion, .hljs-number, .hljs-quote, .hljs-selector-class,… Read more

  • Cache implementation in Node.js

    Cache implementation in Node.js

    Reading Time: 5 minutes A cached value it’s dynamic data, expensive to calculate, that we make it constant during a period of time. There are several good modules in npm world but sometimes we don’t have enough flexibility in terms of customizations. In my case, I invested more time trying to tweak an existing module… Read more

  • Better Queue in Node JS

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Overview Good practice in software development is to delegate as much heavy work as possible to background jobs to avoid blocking the main execution of your application that can be a web app, mobile app, or desktop. Send email notifications it’s the typical scenario where you should execute it in background.… Read more