Salesforce inspector: a Salesforce data explorer and exporter

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Salesforce Inspector is a powerful Salesforce data explorer and exporter designed to help Salesforce admins and developers quickly explore and export Salesforce data. This easy-to-use data exploration and export tool gives you the power to gain insights from your Salesforce data that cannot be found in the standard Salesforce reporting interface.

Using Salesforce Inspector, you can quickly connect to your Salesforce org and explore any object within it. 

It is a productivity tool for Salesforce administrators and developers to inspect data and metadata directly from the browser without compromising security and privacy. It’s an extension available for Chrome and Firefox that leverages the Salesforce session from the browser to make its own request to the org to run SOQL queries and import data. I specifically use it for running queries and exploring fields since when you start typing, it suggests you Objects and Fields

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How to install Salesforce inspector plugin

Install it like any other Chrome or Firefox extension, here you have two shortcuts:

Add to Chrome

Add to Firefox

After installing it, you have to access your org as you usually do. You will see the plugin´s icon at the left of your screen once you step in your Salesforce’s org browser tab. This icon will be available only when you step into the org’s browser tab. Click on Data Export to start running SOQL queries


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