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highlight.js it’s an awesome library to highlight code from several languages. With an easy-to-customize aesthetic. It’s very straightforward to add it to any project: just include the library, the stylesheet, and set up a <pre> tag with HTML. After that, wrap any code snippet with either the <pre> tag and add a <code class="language-name"> classic class. The library will take care of the rest!

Highlight.js supports over 180 languages in the core library. List of supported languages

The official site of highlight.js:

example of syntax highlighting by highlight.js
Example of syntax highlighting by highlight.js

How to install highlight.js

Download the styles and include it between the <head></head> tags:

  <link rel="stylesheet"  href="//">

Import the script at the end of the body tag

  <script src="//"></script>

How to use highlight.js

<pre><code class="language-javascript">
const myConst = "example"

How to highlight XML with highlight.js

If you want to highlight you will have to escape the brackets with:

&lt; and &gt;


<pre><code class="xml">
  &lt;my-tag&gt; my content &lt;/my-tag&gt;

Custom dark mode syntax highlighter for highlight.js

It’s possible to override the default styles. Let’s say you want a dark mode, you can use these styles and modify the colors as needed.

/* custom hljs styles*/

.hljs {
	display: block;
	overflow-x: auto;
	padding: .5em;
	background: #1d1f21

.hljs-subst {
	color: #c5c8c6

.hljs-comment {
	color: #888

.hljs-selector-tag {
    font-weight: 700;
    color: #81a2be;

.hljs-type {
	color: #99cc99;

.hljs-title {
	color: #99cc99;
	font-weight: 700

.hljs-variable {
	color: #bc6060

.hljs-literal {
	color: #78a960

.hljs-code {
	color: #de935f;

.hljs-meta {
	color: #1f7199

.hljs-meta-string {
	color: #4d99bf

.hljs-emphasis {
	font-style: italic

.hljs-strong {
	font-weight: 700

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